Artistic Girls Gymnastics For girls 6 yrs and up participating in sanctioned competiton as part of USA Gymnastics Excel Program. Beginning level girls will have minimum 2 practices per week.

If and when the coaches think ready the athlete will present their routines in a sanctioned competition on the familiar Olympic events of Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor. Competitions are divided by skill level and within each skill level by age. Athletes compete at the skill level determined by the coaching staff and graduate to higher levels when the coaches think it will best serve the athlete.

Since all the girls in this group train tumbling for Floor Exercise and will train on Trampoline as well, selected girls from this squad might also crossover to participate in Trampoline and Tumbling competitions. Additional practices and meet fees will be required for that participation. Individual arrangements will be made for those who are interested.

Trampoline and Tumbling. Open to Boys and Girls ages 6 and up. This squad trains to compete individual routines on trampoline, double mini trampoline, power tumbling and synchronized trampoline when partners can be arranged at their level. Everyone trains and competes Trampoline and Double Mini, some will also train and compete Tumbling. This group’s competitions are also divided into difficulty levels and then age grouped within each level. Boys and girls train together and attend the same competitions but do not compete against each other.

When are practices?

1. All Excel girls will practice Monday and Wednesday evenings 6:00 - 8:30 from September 5 to June 12. Summer schedule will be different and TBD.  

2. Trampoline Team practices are Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:30-8:30 and Saturday afternoons 12:30 - 3:00. School year schedule for the Tramp Team runs Sept 4 through June 11. Summer Schedule TBD. Those attending National Championships will have addtional training in the summer weeks prior to Championshps.

For both squads, attendance is mandatory to all scheduled practices for your level. Consistent timely practice is essential to conditioning for the strength, flexibility, timing, muscle and cognitive memory required for success in gymnastics. All absences have consequences in lost training opportunities. Too many absences, excused or not, or unfortunately timed absences may result in loss of participation in competitions--can’t be sick all week, missing all the practices and still expect to attend the weekend’s competition.

A doctors note is required in the case of illness or injuries, incurred in the gym or elsewhere, that limit or prevent participation in practice for any extended period. And the doctor’s written “Ok” to resume training will be required prior to the resumption of practice after an extended absence.

Where are the Meets?

Most of our meets for both the Artistic Girls and the Tramp Team are local, within a couple hours driving distance. Last year we went to meets in Columbia, Waldorf, Laurel, Baltimore County, Northern Virginia, Silver Spring, and St. Marys County, MD.

The Excel Artistic Girls participate in select local inviational competitons and the Maryland State Championships for their level.

Trampoline Team attends competitions and/or clinics locally, culminating in State, Regional and potentially National Championships. Everyone on the Trampoline Team will attend both the State and the Regional Championships. Levels 8 and up who qualify are expected to attend Nationals while qualified Levels 5-7 have the option to attend Nationals.