Party Time

One of our most successful programs has been our Birthday Party Program for children 5 years old and up. The parties are 90 minutes long and consist of approximately 60 minutes in the “gym” and 30 minutes in our party room. The gym activity time is a mini gymnastic class, strictly supervised, easy, safe and of course fun! Our staff will lead the children in cooperative games, gymnastics obstacle courses, and trampoline! Party participants utilize the equipment in the gym according to age, ability, availability, and instructor discretion. When the gymnastics portion of the party has been concluded the children walk upstairs to our party room for 30 minutes of opening presents and enjoying refreshments provided and supervised by the host parent. All parties are charged a flat fee for up to our maximum of 24 children. Price is subject to change.

Party Contract (PDF file)

Freestate Gymnastics, Inc. provides you with party invitations which include a map to the gym and a liability release form which your guests are required to complete and bring with them to gym for party admittance. We have a refrigerator/freezer to use for your needs but FreeState provides no food, condiment, paper goods or tableware. The staff of Freestate Gymnastics will set up and breakdown the tables and chairs in our party room, organize and lead all the activity in the gym.

Party must be paid in full at the time of contracting your party. A $75 cancellation fee will be held and the balance of the party refunded in case of cancellation by party host. If FreeState must cancel for weather or other reasons, the gym will refund in full. There are no other refunds or credits. A $25.00 Service charge is placed on all returned checks.

1. The minimum age for all party participants is 5 years old.

2. Maximum party size is 24 children: up to 3 groups, 8 children per group.

3. Special needs children may not attend without prior screening and express permission of gym director.

4. Parents of all children attending the party must sign the liability/medical release form found on the party invitations we provide. If you elect not to use the invitations provided, or if the release is forgotten, a parent/guardian of each of your child’s guests must sign the release on the form provided in the gym lobby on arrival for the party. Children without their parents signed consent/release form may be excluded from the party and are the responsibility of the host parent to supervise outside the gym during the gym activity portion of the party.

5. The host parent agrees to assume full responsibility for injury or liability for those children not released by their parent with a signed Freestate release statement.

6. Everyone must follow our set party program and safety rules.

7. Only birthday party participants are allowed in the active gym area. Only the host parents are welcome to watch, video or shoot snapshots in the gym under the direction of the gym staff.

8. All other parents/guests may leave or must wait in the waiting areas.

9. All food must be consumed in the party room.

10. Absolutely no gym activity is allowed during the party room time. After the gymnastic activity portion of the party concludes, once the group is led off the gym floor to the party room no one is allowed into the gym.

11. Please don’t plan on arriving more than 15 minutes prior to your party and don’t linger after the party as the staff must prepare for yours or the next group. The party is 90 minutes long. After 90 minutes you will be charged by the quarter hour at a rate of $100.00/hour.

12. Only the parent/guardian who shall be attending and supervising the party may contract for the party.

13. No changes to party date, time or group numbers are allowed 2 weeks prior to the party date.

14. For safety sake, no one is allowed to deviate from these policies and rules!